American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting

Together with more than 18,000 colleagues from all over the world, MSU scientists and students descended on San Francisco to attend the American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting from December 13-17, 2010. The Department of Geological Sciences was very well represented.


B23D-0417. Root zone soil water dynamics and its effects on above ground biomass in cellulosic and grain based bioenergy crops of Midwest USA.  A. K. Bhardwaj; S. K. Hamilton; R. L. Van Dam; K. Diker; B. Basso
C21A-0521. Electrical Resistivity Methods to Characterize Sediment Deformation; Examples from Large-scale Glaciotectonic Structures in Michigan, USA.  R. L. Van Dam
ED21A-0659. High School Students’ Understanding of Change over Time and System Complexity: A Focus on the Cryosphere.  K. S. McNeal; J. Libarkin; T. S. Ledley; C. Guthrie
EP43C-0764. Applying comparative fractal analysis to infer origin and process in channels on Earth and Mars.  A. Balakrishnan; S. Rice-Snow; B. A. Hampton
EP53B-0619. Active Tectonics of the Chersky Fold and Thrust Belt, NE Russia, From Fluvial Geomorphology.  B. G. Johnson; B. A. Hampton; K. Fujita; K. G. Mackey
H11E-0859. Full-resolution 3D GPR and Direct-Push K Data Reveal Distinct Hydrostratigraphic Zones at the MADE Site.  M. Dogan; R. L. Van Dam; D. W. Hyndman; J. J. Butler; G. Bohling
H11E-0863. Comparative Geostatistical Analysis of Flowmeter and Direct-Push Hydraulic Conductivity Profiles at the MADE Site.  G. Bohling; G. Liu; S. J. Knobbe; E. C. Reboulet; D. W. Hyndman; P. Dietrich; J. J. Butler
H23C-1193. A Geoelectrically-Monitored Tracer Test At The Macrodispersion Experiment (MADE) Site In Columbus, Mississippi.  R. D. Swanson; K. Singha; A. Pidlisecky; D. W. Hyndman; J. J. Butler; G. Bohling
H24E-01. Integration of High-resolution GPR and Direct-Push Methods: Subsurface Imaging of the Highly Heterogeneous MADE Site (Invited).  D. W. Hyndman; M. Dogan; G. Bohling; R. L. Van Dam; G. Liu; J. J. Butler
H31F-1071. Land Use and Climate Change Impacts on Streamflow and Sediment Transport in a Groundwater-Dominated Watershed.  S. L. Martin; A. D. Kendall; R. L. Van Dam; D. W. Hyndman
H43A-1210. Modeling and Electrical Imaging of Natural Free Convection Induced by Saline Recharge in a Coastal Sabkha.  B. P. Eustice; D. W. Hyndman; R. L. Van Dam; W. W. Wood
P52B-07. Weathering of olivine and pyroxene on Mars: Evidence from missions, meteorites, and terrestrial mineral analogs.  M. A. Velbel
P53A-1488. Alteration Assemblages in Martian Meteorite MIL 03346: Terrestrial, Pre-terrestrial, and Inferences for Martian Surface Fluids.  L. Hallis; J. Stopar; J. Taylor; M. A. Velbel; E. P. Vicenzi
T23F-01. Geochemical evidence of mantle reservoir evolution during progressive rifting.  T. O. Rooney; P. Mohr; L. Dosso; C. M. Hall
T31A-2135. Tracing trends in erosion and exhumation during the Middle–Late Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the Farewell terrane, SW Alaska.  B. A. Hampton; M. A. Malkowski; D. C. Bradley; K. Fujita; P. B. O’Sullivan
V13G-08. Protracted Storage and Lower Crust Differentiation at Baru Volcano, Panama.  P. J. Hidalgo; T. O. Rooney
V51E-05. Co-eruption of extracted liquid and complementary cumulate mush following mafic intrusion: the case of the zoned Ammonia Tanks ignimbrite.  C. D. Deering; O. Bachmann; T. A. Vogel
V52B-04. Magmatic processes that generate chemically distinct silicic magmas in NW Costa Rica and the evolution of juvenile continental crust in oceanic arcs.  T. A. Vogel; C. D. Deering; L. C. Patino; G. E. Alvarado; D. W. Szymanski
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